Traditional Fan vs Air Circulation Fan

Air Circulation Fan Cooling Portable Ventilation

Are you still using a traditional fan that is bulky and heavy? Does the direct gust from your normal fan give you headache and backache? Maybe it’s time to switch from a normal fan to an Eluxgo air circulation fan.   Eluxgo Air Circulation Fan Differences between Traditional Fan and Air Circulation Fan

The difference between a normal fan vs air circulation fan
How exactly is a normal fan different from a air circulation fan? Which is better?
To clear your doubts, we compare these two :

Normal Fan
❌  Direct wind on a person can cause ailments like headaches and backaches.
❌  Not everyone in the room will get the same cooling benefits from a fan.
❌  Stuffy room. No fresh air.
❌  Need to reposition the fan if you move from one corner to another.
❌  Bulky, big, and heavy. Not easy to move around.

Air Circulation Fan
⭕️  Air circulation around the whole room.
⭕️  Everyone in the room will get an equal amount of cooling air.
⭕️  Fresh air in the room. Remove the stale air of a room.
⭕️  Maintain a constant temperature in the room.
⭕️  Lightweight and portable. Can move them easily.
⭕️  Air travel longer.
⭕️  Energy saving compared to a normal fan. Save cost.

Eluxgo Air Circulation Fan
Eluxgo air circulation fan benefits. Why you should buy one?

✓ A quality product
✓ Stylish design
Air circulates the whole room
✓ Enjoy coolness from multiple angles
✓ Ability to reproduce the wind of nature
✓ Quiet fan
✓ Lightweight and portable
✓ Suitable for all rooms
✓ Easy storage
Modes to choose
✓ Long-distance cool air supply
✓ Energy saving
✓ 24hrs auto power shut off
✓ With remote control (EF20 and EF30)
✓ Adjustable height to suit different settings (EF20 and EF30) 

Eluxgo EF10 Air Circulation Fan Lightweight Quiet Easy Storage

EF10 Air Circulation Fan
It is small and lightweight. It is also a quiet fan that will keep you cool and comfortable while you work or sleep.
Size: 254 x 201 x 295mm • Fan blade diameter: 150mm

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Eluxgo EF20 Air Circulation Fan Adjustable Height Low Noise with Remote Control

EF20 Air Circulation Fan
It is a wide-angle oscillation fan that circulates air all around the room. It can cover a large area and provide airflow at every corner of a room.
Size : 296 (W) x 296 (D) x 519~814mm (H) • Fan blade diameter: 180mm

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Eluxgo EF30 Air Circulation Fan 3 Speed Control

EF30 Air Circulation Fan
It is a wide-angle oscillation fan that circulates air all around the room. Its design is suitable for any room. Reducing the overall temperature in a warm environment. 
Size: 320 (W) x 310 (D) x 604~898mm (H) • Fan blade diameter: 180mm

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