Terms and Conditions of Warranty

  1. The warranty period for Eluxgo products is 1 year for electrical appliances, and 3 months for non-electrical appliances, starting from the date of purchase or payment.
  2. The warranty for the battery is 6 months upon purchase.
  3. Please keep your receipt and related invoices for crucial repair and servicing references.
  4. All exchanged parts will be kept by Eluxgo.

Warranty Coverage

  1. Upon inspection by Eluxgo, the causes of malfunction of the product will be determined - material, workmanship or functional defect. Eluxgo shall then proceed with free servicing, repair or part exchange accordingly.
  2. Coverage will only be applicable to products bought domestically with “Eluxgo” brand (Coverage does not include product bought overseas, from procurement services, or overseas product bought locally).
  3. Does not affect the laws, regulations and consumer’s rights of the country it is sold in.

Areas Excluded from the Warranty Coverage

Under these conditions, Eluxgo shall not be liable to provide free servicing and repair for the customer.

  1. Unable to provide relevant receipt or invoices of purchase.
  2. Operating the machine in ways not listed in the user manual, thus, resulting in malfunction and damage from misuse and neglect of appropriate maintenance.
  3. Normal depletion of parts due to wear and tear.
  4. Damage or malfunction from using Eluxgo products outside of normal home settings.
  5. Damage or malfunction from using non-original Eluxgo parts and attachments, or repair and servicing from parties who are not authorized by Eluxgo.
  6. Wrong installation of product.

If the servicing is not within Eluxgo warranty coverage, the customer will be charged a fee for the cost incurred (labour cost, cost of spare parts and attachments, courier fees and etc.).