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Eluxgo-ALT1019-Cordless-Vacuum Cleaner-0.8Kg-Light-and-Portable
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ALT1019 Light-Duty Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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ALT1019 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
ALT1019 is a LITE version of EC19C. It is designed and assembled for light-duty cleanings like vacuuming floors and corners. You can customize different accessories to complete the cleaning experience as well. Simply choose the brushes you need!

It comes with a classic floor brush, crevice tool, bed brush, square brush, two extension pipes, a vacuum cleaner, and a charging cable. Dual-Power: 30min on silent mode, 15min on power mode.

Product Features and Benefits  
• Anti-Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner
Its powerful suction makes it an ideal vacuum cleaner when removing dust mites from the mattress, carpets, etc.
 Stainless Steel Filter
The stainless steel filter is easier to clean, increasing the durability of the vacuum cleaner.
USB Charger
Connect your vacuum cleaner at home or on the go with convenience.
• Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner
Light enough to carry from room to room with ease. Save space, easy storage.
• Vacuum with Lithium Battery
Rechargeable battery. Efficient & long duration. Comes with an LED battery indicator to let you know when it needs charging. It is fast charging and has an auto cut-off electricity function.


• Weight: 840g (Vacuum Unit)
• Voltage: 7.4V Max
• Power: 40/80W Max
• Vacuum Degree: 2.5/4kPa
• Battery: Lithium-ion 2000mAH


• Charging Cable
• 2 Extension Pipes + Floor Brush
• Crevice Tool
• Bed Brush
• Square Brush

✅ 1 Year Warranty For All Parts Except Battery
✅ 6 Month Warranty For Battery

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Eluxgo one year warranty electrical goods 

Eluxgo ALT1019 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

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