How Can I Protect Myself against Covid-19

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Why do you need to protect yourself against Covid-19?
Coronavirus is dangerous and can make one very ill and can even be led to fatal. Let’s take a look at some ways on how you can protect and prevent yourself from getting this virus.

How to protect yourself against Covid-19? What do you need to do?

Exercise, Eat Well, and Stay Healthy
You will need a strong body to fight any infection and virus. Take more vegetables and fresh fruits to boost your immunity system. Get active in physical exercise. 

Help Lower the Risk of Spreading Infection
Leave germs behind when you come home. When you return home from work or grocery shopping, disinfect items with Eluxgo’s new formulated A7 Cationic Disinfectant Spray (180ml) to keep you and your loved ones safe. Shop here for a A7 Cationic Disinfectant Spray 180ml

Leave germs behind when you come home. Help lower the risk of spreading infectionWear a Mask
Keep your mask up, it will protect you from infection. Keep a social distance when you are in a crowded area. Always carry an extra mask with you, should you dropped or dirtied your mask.

Practice Good Personal Hygiene
Washing your hands as often with soap and water can help you prevent you from spreading germs to others. Its always good to have a small and portable Eluxgo A7 Cationic Disinfectant Spray (30ml) wherever you go,  it is convenient and a good alternative when a washroom is not available. Practice good personal hygiene will protect you from getting sick. Shop here for a A7 Cationic Disinfectant Spray 30ml

Make hand sanitizer part of your mask wearing routine

Stay at Home If You Are Not Feeling Well
If you are sick, avoid going out. Chances are you might spread germs to the public, so stay home and get rest. 

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