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Goodbye, 2022. Hello, 2023. It is time for a clean-up. As an old saying ‘Out With The Old, In With The New’. Let’s start spring cleaning and welcome the Chinese New Year with a clean and tidy house.

Eluxgo is Here to Help
We have the cleaning products and disinfectant to help you remove dirt and germs just in time to celebrate the Year of Rabbit.

Below is how Eluxgo products can help you achieve a sparkling home :

Carpets and Floors
Eluxgo powerful suction vacuum cleaner can help pick up any dirt and dust. It can clean your floor, carpet, doormat, walls, etc. It can even remove dust mites in your mattress, cushions, and sofa that cause allergens. It has many cleaning tools that can help to clean those hard-to-reach areas and corners. They are lightweight to use around your house that prevents you from any backaches. Keep your home clean in no time.

Fabrics, Bedding, and Mattresses
After vacuuming, you can spray Eluxgo A7 Anti Dust Mite Cationic Disinfectant on your fabrics, mattresses, sofas, clothing, etc. You can spray moderately and evenly on desired places and let dry naturally, or wipe it off after 3-5min. It is an anti-dust mite disinfectant that kills bacterial propagules and fungus. It helps to remove static electricity and stains. It also helps to sterilize, disinfect and remove odor on objects. Effectively kills, repels, and inhibits the growth of common mites.

Eluxgo Vacuum Cleaners

For surfaces like mirrors, tabletop, cabinets, kitchen stove, toilet sinks, tiles, etc. You can use Eluxgo Surface Cleanser, it leaves your house germ free and smelling fresh. It is rinse-free. All you need to do is to spray directly onto surfaces and wipe off after 1-3min with a clean damp cloth and allow for drying. You can even use it to clean your everyday high touch surface: study table, door knob, toys, keys, switches, and more.

Interior of Car
Your car needs spring cleaning too. Eluxgo SVC1019C / SVC1012C Portable and Lightweight Car Vacuum Cleaner can vacuum your car quickly and easily. It comes with cleaning tools that can pick up any dust particles in those low and high areas. 

Disinfect the steering wheel, gear stick, car seats, etc. with Eluxgo Surface Cleanser. Wipe clean to remove dust, fingerprints, germs, and odors.

By removing all the ‘bad energy’, you are ready for the 2023 Chinese New Year! Huat ah!

Eluxgo wishes everyone lots of luck this Rabbit year!

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