About Eluxgo

Brand Profile

Eluxgo was founded as a brand that strives to bring premium quality vacuum cleaners and environmental cleaning products to the society. Eluxgo has constantly developed and invent products that will better the environment.

Since our establishment, we have expanded beyond manufacturing of mechanical parts, to the research, development and sales of our products. We have continuously pursued advancement in our products with multiple patents in design, technology and invention to prove.

We have grown internationally with multiple R&D, Sales and Service Centers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand. Among our 5 current subsidiaries (namely Eluxgo, OHM, Ohmair, 喜诺, Shimono), Eluxgo is the leading premium brand amongst them, setting sights globally with Asia as the foothold. Though youthful, Eluxgo is committed to contributing its part for better environmental products.


Major Milestone

12 January 2007 - Our manufacturing base, is incorporated in Ningbo Cixi, China. The pioneer generation of vacuum cleaner with illumination function is created.

2008 - The successful test of a vacuum cleaner with helical centrifugal separation technology.

2009 - The Board of Directors passed a 10million USD proposal for production expansion plans to build a production line capable of producing 2 million units annually.

SVC1012 enters into development phase.

2010 - Helical centrifugal separation technology is awarded PCT invention patent in China and is sent for global PCT application.

2011 – A Marketing and TV shopping strategic base is established in Malaysia. SVC1012 goes into mass production

2012 - Completion of a 200 thousand square feet production plant. Test production of SVC1013 exceeds 500 thousand units in that year.

2013 - 5million SGD is invested in a technological center in Singapore. Our vacuum cleaner awarded Asia Pacific Golden Brand Product.

2014 - Marketing base in Thailand is established. Marketing base in Malaysia recognized as an Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Keris award company.

2015 - Eluxgo’s Technology Centre attains success in its 2nd and 3rd generation filtration technology, and is awarded 5 patents in that same year.

2016 - Eluxgo attains more than 70 patents to its core technology and is recognized as one of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise (SME).

2018 - Eluxgo started to provide e-commerce methods for consumers to purchase our products. Eluxgo is recognized as Singapore’s Trusted Enterprise by SBA. 


Company Profile

Established in 2007, Eluxgo is committed to the development and production of quality vacuum cleaners and environmental appliances.

The company has establishments in the region- technological centre in Singapore possessing multiple patents for high velocity centrifugal separation technology, A strategic marketing base in Malaysia building multi-channel marketing solutions; Sales and service centers in SingaporeMalaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand.

In 2012, 10 million USD is invested to build a 200 thousand square feet production plant in Ningbo, China, housing product engineering, mold making, plastic production, product assembly and warehouse storage capabilities to supply premium products to the world.

In 2016, the company is recognized as one of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise. Presently, the company has also established its HQ and R&D department in Singapore, production plant in Ningbo and marketing bases in Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

10 years of progress has taught us, innovation is the founding principle of Eluxgo, a dedicated trailblazing team is the company’s fuel, and perseverance to sustainable development is our foundation.

Through the years, the company has evolved from a family business processing mechanical components into a Multinational Corporation of considerable scale. With keen eyes on macroeconomic shifts of each passing day, we do not rest on our laurels and strive to be better. The environment needs the care and attention of the society. Similarly, the development of Eluxgo requires the consumers’ support to a greater extent.

Looking ahead, we stand afresh with a new calling. Eluxgo has grander plans to implement suitable development strategies, strengthening our management and thus, with wisdom and courage, to be at the forefront of improving the living environment.

We hope to collaborate widely, allowing people passionate of improving living environments to understand, cooperate and to invest in Eluxgo.