S1 Cationic Disinfectant 50X Concentrate (For commercial use)

S1 Cationic Disinfectant 50X Concentrate (For commercial use) can be used to disinfect common surfaces and hands

Based on the bactericidal activity evaluation done according to European EN1276-2019 standard, quantitative suspension test, for disinfectants and antiseptics used in food, industrial, domestic, and institutional areas.

This product is an external use, cationic disinfectant concentrate. The product should only be used after dilution. It has sanitizing and deodorizing properties with a wide range of applications. It can be used to disinfect surfaces on objects, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, airports and even be formulated for use as hand sanitizers. Please read our product manual thoroughly. Minors or people with difficulty understanding this product manual are prohibited from diluting and directly using this product for disinfection.

Main Disinfecting Ingredients
Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) at concentration of 4%-5%, and other non-bactericidal ingredients like deionized/ reverse-osmosis water, deodorizing & stabilizing agents and etc, added for product stability and usage adaptability. 

Categories of Disinfection
Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442), Enterococcus faecium (ATCC 6057), Escherichia coli (ATCC 10536), Enterococcus pneumoniae (ATCC 10541), Klebsiella pneumoniae (ATCC 4352), Aspergillus niger (ATCC 16404), Candida albicans (ATCC 10231), and etc.

The virucidal efficacy of our products are based on the information from international biochemical, professional research and government institutions. The following information provided is only for consumers' reference, and should not be used in precise. The product is effective against general enveloped viruses. For example, our listed concentration in our products are very effective in inactivating the 2019 novel coronavirus on the surfaces of hard objects within a contact time 1 minute. Enveloped viruses also include, arteriviruses, poxviruses, coronavirus, HIV type 1, Hepatitis C Virus and etc. The product’s virucidal potency on non-enveloped viruses is lower. Examples of non-enveloped viruses are poliovirus, rhinovirus, adenovirusess and etc. For the precise killing of such viruses, please select relevant targeted disinfectant products.

Concentrate Dilution Instructions
The dilution instructions are based on the combination from test data of third-party laboratories under EN 1276-2019 standard and our research under various usage scenarios.

  1. Dilution work should not be done by children and people who have not read and understood this instruction manual.
  2. We do not recommend using concentrated liquid directly in regular daily disinfection. (Unless it is used by professionals in environments with heavy contamination).
  3. The concentrate itself is safe. However, it is recommended that you rinse with clean water after contact with the concentrate to prevent any skin irritation.
  4. 475ml of concentrate can be diluted 1:50, into 23.75ℓ of economical yet effective disinfectant for normal usage scenarios. The concentrate can be prepared to a maximum dilution of 1:100, into 47.5ℓ of solution. Dilution exceeding this ratio may lead to reduced antibacterial activity and possible failure of disinfection.
  5. These measuring tools are available within the packaging: the 475ml bottle, when filled to the brim is around 500ml; a cap of about 5ml; and a 10ml marked measuring cup.


  1. This product cannot be used to disinfect abraded skin, mucous membranes, wounds, blisters or other abnormal skin conditions. Diluted product is not recommended to be used as a wash-free disinfectant for children under 6 years old.
  2. People with sensitive skin should use it with caution. Spray sparingly on the back of the hand and continue only if no abnormality occur.
  3. Stop using this product immediately should allergic reaction occur and wash the allergic area with soap and rinse with water. Generally, you do not need to seek medical attention. Should allergic symptoms not subside or a serious condition occurs half an hour after using the above method, please consult your doctor for help as soon as possible and bring along the product or manual. This phenomenon is extremely rare.
  4. This product is an external use disinfectant. Do not use product for oral hygiene or mucous membrane disinfection. In case of accidental consumption, please drink milk and drinking water to dilute the concentration, and bring the manual and product along to consult your doctor.
  5. Disinfectants should not come in contact with eyes or any mucous membranes. If sprayed into the eyes by mistake, please rinse with water for a few minutes. If severe discomfort occurs, seek medical attention immediately.
  6. This product is toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms, please avoid them during disinfection.
  7. The product has long-lasting antibacterial properties on object surfaces, and generally has 4-6 hours of antibacterial activity on it. Due to these properties, slow degradation may bring potential hazards to environmental protection and the disinfection of food-contact tools and utensils. After application on food-contact utensils, rinse thoroughly with clean water before use to prevent consumption of disinfectant residues that might affect health. Our team is objectively trying to overcome this potential hidden hazard as well.
  8. This product cannot be mixed with anionic substances such as general detergents, washing powders, soaps, and dishwashing liquid. Anionic substances will reduce the potency of this product, leading to the failure of the disinfecting potency. For objects that must be cleaned (such as cleaning rags), please disinfect first, then wash them clean.
  9. The product formula does not contain alcohol, flammable, explosive or corrosive substances, and is safe for storage and transportation. Store it in a cool and dark place away from children and non-users.
  10. The diluted disinfectant can be used immediately, not exceeding 1 month after dilution.
  11. After using the concentrate, the lid must be tightly closed and kept sealed.

Please refer to the number on bottle for the production batch number and expiration date of this product.

Usage of Diluted Disinfectant
This product should only be used as an external disinfectant. It can be used to disinfect common surfaces and hands. There may be a reduction in sanitizing efficacy when used on surfaces with heavy contamination.

  1. Hard objects & surfaces: Spray, immerse or wipe objects with diluted disinfectant, wait for the required contact time, then wipe it dry.
  2. Porous surfaces: For the disinfection of porous surfaces, apply the same method and allow for twice the required contact time for the necessary disinfecting action.
  3. Hand sanitizer: Spray and apply diluted disinfectant directly onto skin surfaces and let dry naturally. The action time is 1-3 minutes. Please wash your hands before eating.
  4. Antibacterial solution for mopping: use as according to how you would in normal mopping. The antibacterial solution can also be poured into the container of a spray mop for direct use.
  5. Large-area disinfection: Dilute disinfectant solution in strict accordance with our specified dilution ratio. Ensure that no people and pets will be in the disinfection space within 30 minutes.
  6. For cleaning rags and textile items, immerse them into 1:50 dilution bathes for 30min to disinfect firstly. Rinse with clean water, wring and air-dry them afterwards. Stuffed toys and items will need to be sun-dried after wringing them. Disinfection of these items need to be carried out before washing them, as residual detergents may impair or even neutralize disinfectant in critical cases.

ELUXGO will only conduct in-depth discussions on technical issues under the conditions of good faith and legal obligations, and is committed to providing assistance for our consumers' health and safety. Our research is still ongoing, and we will not periodically inform of any future updates. For more inquiries, please contact our agents or send email directly to info@eluxgo.com

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