EM10 Spray mop that is suitable on any floor
EM10 Spray and mop in any orientation
EM10 Spray mop that has a 400ml water tank
EM10 Spray mop that ideal on any floor surface
EM10 Spray mop large mop surface
EM10 Spray mop product information

EM10 Spray Mop

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EM10 Spray Mop
Multi-functional dry and wet microfiber mop. Suitable on all surfaces.
• Quick and easy to use
• Washable microfiber pad
• Suitable on any floor

Spray and mop in any orientation
A weighted ball submerges the pipe under the liquid in any orientation, enabling EM10 to spray even when it is lifted upwards.

400ml water tank 
The spray mop has a 400ml tank, designed to hold enough water for a complete cleaning of your floor without needing to be refilled multiple times.

Large mop surface
It can clean a large area with one pass of the mop. This makes it easier to clean up messes and keep the area looking spotless.

Lightweight save energy
No need to carry a heavy bucket of water and mop. No need to bend down to scrub the floor that causes backache. Suitable for young, old age, and people with backache.

Removes dirt and spillages efficiently 
EM10 Spray Mop can tackle any mess. It effectively picks up dust from any surface. You can clean up any accidents and spillages too.

Ideal on any floor surface
Use it wet or dry. The thick and high-quality cloth is great for wiping dirt, and water and removing hair on flat surfaces. To wash, just rinse with water to remove debris.

• Simple and handy-dandy design, wash, and dewatering without power supply.
• Unique microfiber mop head with perfect cleaning result.
• Suitable for all types of floors.
• Washable and reusable soft microfiber pad.
• Environment friendly.

Easy Assembly
Easy and convenient to use
With EM10 Spray Mop, you can quickly assemble and use it to clean your floors without having to lug out a full-size mop or a bucket of water. Assembly is simple – attach the mop pole and mop base, fill the bottle with water, add your preferred cleaning solution, and you’re ready to go. 

Product Information
Handle Length: 130cm
Mop Plate: 38 x 11.5cm
Dimension: 38 x 11.5 x 130cm

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