Eluxgo SVC1012C Car Vacuum Cleaner Washable Filter and Dust Container
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SVC1012C Portable and Lightweight Car Vacuum Cleaner

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SVC1012C Car Vacuum Cleaner
Portable | Lightweight | Convenient

Failing to keep the interior of your car clean can cause recurring illnesses because of a build-up of germs, mold, and dust. So start cleaning your car interior with Eluxgo SVC1012C car vacuum cleaner, it comes with 3 nozzles for different cleaning needs to remove any dust and dirt in your car. 

Product Features and Benefits  
• Strong Suction
A strong powerful suction of 150W. Pick up even the smallest particles in your car.
• Washable Filter and Dust Container
Can be washed in water, rinsed clean, and allowed to air dry.
• 5M Cable Long
It allows you to reach all areas of your car.

• Voltage: DC12V
• Max Power: 150W
• Cable Length: 5M


• Crevice tool that cleans small and hard-to-reach areas in your car. With focus suction power.
• Extension pipe gives a longer reach to reach those low or high areas.
• 360° Bristle brush that cleans your seats, car mats, and under the seats easily, brushing off dust and dirt and vacuuming it up with strong suction power.
• 5M Wire cable long which makes it easy for car owners to reach those areas in the car.

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Eluxgo SVC1012C Car Vacuum Cleaner Slim and Lightweight 5M Cable Long
Eluxgo SVC1012C Car Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Tools

Eluxgo SVC1012C Car Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Suction 150W

Eluxgo SVC1012C Car Vacuum Cleaner Lightweight 0.84Kg

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